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January, 2022

January 26
,br> Part of Column GG, Sector 02 has been added. Now at 1803 planet maps.

January 25

Updated the Path 02 page with info on what is competed/fixed. Columns EE and FF are in the future. When these are done, that will show and complete path from Column DD Sector 03 down to Column JJ, Sector 04.

I am adding planets, sub-sectors, and a sector or two at Path 02. I haven’t checked all of Vespucian Arm, but the rest in Gran-Dal Arm shouldn’t have any duplicates.

January 24

All of Vespucian Arm, except Breloss Star Cluster, has been checked. All of Patch 02 has been checked. I have more planets set for adding in Path 02.

Vespucian Arm, Columns B and D are completed.

January 23

Partially checked Vespucian Arm, added 5 planets. Sectors 1 through 3 are fixed. Most of Sector 4 is fixed.

January 22, 2022

Did some work on Path 02.

All of Gran-Dal Arm is now working. Found more duplicates… it will be fixed/updated.

Jan 21

Still checking, found some typos in Gran-Dal Arm articles. And added 2 more answers to the FAQ.

Jan 20

Checked some more planet articles, no more duplicates so far.

Jan 18

Found some duplicates; Planets are now at 1822. I used an insert into the database, there are now 1839 planet articles on this site.

Added 2 more items to the FAQ page.

Continuing to work on Column O, Sector 03. Sub-Sector C and D is fixed.

Jan 17

Working on Gran-Dal Arm, Column O. Sub-Sectors A and B are fixed.

Jan 16

Most of Gran-Dal Arm is fixed. Areas of missing planets are noted on the Gran-Dal Arm sketch map. Path 02 and Vespucian Arm checking is in progress.

Jan 15

Just searched through Gran-Dal Arm, Columns A through E and found a few missing planet articles. One or two sub-sectors have some planet articles, but not all planet articles for that sub-sector. I’ll fix them next week.

Navigation menus added back in.

Jan 14

I broke things again.

No navigation menus currently.

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