What is New ?


November, 2022

Nov 16

Added 3 more UWPs, and fixed a link.

October, 2022

Oct 19

Added 4 UWPs. Eight admin list of pages to go.

Oct 18

Part way done with admin articles list of page 9. Added UWPs.

Oct 17

Pages 1 through 8 are done. No new UWPs added. 10 pages left to do.

Oct 15

All pages/articles through page 6 of the Articles list. No new UWPs added. That leaves part of page 6 through article page list 17 left to do.

Oct 5

I fixed a few more pages/articles, but my Internet provider slowed my connection down so much I can’t go further.

September, 2022

Sept 10

12 pages out of 26 done to make them the same style. No new UWPs added today.

Sept 9

Fixed some planet pages in Path 02, Column EE. Added UWPs. Uploaded new Sub-Sector and Sector maps.

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