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September, 2021

Sept 15

I think I have solved any 404 links. if not, let me know on the forums I post to. Thanks.

Shortened up the navigation menus to show sector map links, and a few others.

I’ll be working on the navigation menus today. I may not post them until I am done.

Sept 4

I have added more navigation menus, but they may lead to 404 pages. My apologies.

August, 2021

Aug 26

Not all articles are currently here I had in the past. i am adding them back in as I have time to compare my list with what is currently here.

Aug 24

Fixed some typos.

Found a few more by going through all of the articles from oldest to newest.

Aug 23

As far as I can tell, all Sub-sector and Sector articles/posts now have correct links to planet maps. Aug 22

Fixed around another 50 links that included article numbers, in sectors and sub-sectors.

Aug 21

Fixed all links on Sub-Sector C, Sub-Sector L, and Sub-Sector D maps. Aug 20

All Sub-Sector O and Sub-Sector P maps planet links have been fixed. About half of Sub-Sector A maps planet links have been fixed.

I continue to fix page and map links.

Aug 19

Fixed a few planet links to the graphics. It looks like not all articles uploaded from an older backup. So I will be fixing things over time. I have no idea how long it will take. Turns out the problem populating all of the articles here, was not what I thought it was. I found and fixed that problem.

Aug 18

Fixed the map links for all Path locations.

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