Vespucian Arm sketch map


A sketch map of the Vespucian galaxy arm. The numbers and green arcs are locations for planets, etc. that existed before. They will be restored.

Direct links to the Sector maps:
Column A, Sector 01

Column B, Sector 01 | Column B, Sector 02 | Column B, Sector 03 | Column B, Sector 04 | Column B, Sector 06 All of Column B is fixed. One planet was missing, added.

Breloss star Cluster, level maps in Column G, Sector 6.

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 | Level 6 | Level 7

All of Column G has been checked.

Column D, Sector 19 two sub-sectors. All done.

Column E, Sector 5 is Done.

Column F, Sector 05 | Column F, Sector 06

Column G, Sector 6 Level 1 through 7 of Sub-Sectors A through E have been checked and are fixed.

Column F, Sector 20

Added these Vespucian Arm, Column G, Sector 06, level 01, Sub-Sector F | Sub-Sector G | Sub-Sector H | Sub-Sector J | Sub-Sector K | Sub-Sector L today that are part of the Breloss Star Cluster.

Column H, Sector 15

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