Vespucian Arm image map


For some reason the image map links are not in the correct locations. So here are the direct links:

Column A, Sector 1 | Column B, Sector 1 | Column B, Sector 2 | Column B, Sector 3 | Column B, Sector 4 | Column B, Sector 5 | Column B, Sector 6 | Column D, Sector 19 | Column E, Sector 5 | Column F, Sector 5 | Column F, Sector 20 Column F, Sector 6 | Column G, Sector 1 | Column G, Sector 6

The 618 planetary maps on the below map at Column G and Sector 6 are not completely done yet. 233 planets done out of 618.

Vespucian Arm, Rifts between:

Balosh and The Empire; Column I, Sectors 1 through 7

Os-Chon and Tel-Ha; Columns D through E, Sectors 18 through 20

Os-Chon and Grakel Hegemony; Columns D through F, Sectors 15 through 17

Grakel Hegemony and Trana; Columns E through F, Sectors 12 through 13

The rest of the areas outside named areas have stars and solar systems except for rift areas.

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