The story of the Tel-Nar Empire, Vespucian Arm


Tel-Nar Empire started after a bright light zoomed past the planet Tel-Tel-Belano.

No one knows if it was a lost starship or just a comet that stirred imaginations.

The local hominids, if that is what they were, went from stone tools to bronze in just a few hundred years. Flight in rickety biplanes in a few decades after that.

By the time 500 years had gone by, they had explored the local moon, and built small cities there.

A thousand years after the bright light, they had generation ships, made out of asteroids, heading to other solar systems.

After 3000 years, they had Jump 2 equivalent starships, and caught up with some of the generation ships.

Not every one was happy to see them.

Their civilization built up a small empire, settling 7 planets. They called themselves the Tel-Nar Empire.

About a thousand years later, a scout boat came to this area, and found no one.

Just the long empty places

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