Starship Wanderer: Storyline


originally Posted on April 1, 2007. April Fool’s Day.

As the Starship Wanderer travelled along the path to distant solar systems, the officers, crew and passengers realized that a walk in the park, watching old videos, being on-duty, and chatting over the phone wasn’t inducive to keeping boredom at bay.

A few looked through the library, on-line and in print.

Some rediscovered crafts of various sorts.

Supplies for crafting being in short supply, working on a computer with 3D software didn’t make up for the boredom that ensued. Everyone’s duties consisted of plenty of computer use already.

More research was done…

Old hardcover books were found in the library about an old game. An RPG called ‘Advanced Dungeons and Dragons’ by TSR. Dice, pencils, and paper was rummaged up, several people had brought their dice collections along, and play began.

Here is their campaign. Link updated March 16, 2010

Posted on April 1, 2007. April Fool’s Day.

edit: July 31, 2010.

Why state ‘April 1, 2007’ ? My AD&D players may read this site, and I don’t want to give them any clues. So this ‘tie in’ with Crestar could be me just joking, or it could be part of the game. They will have to find that out.

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