Starship Wanderer: overhead view


The circular upper dome is 5 miles in diameter. The engines are 2 miles in diameter and Bussard ram jets. Well known in many science fiction stories, gigantic magnetic fields reach out and pull in hydrogen atoms and burn them for fuel.

The fuselage is 12 miles long and 4 miles in diameter.

The dome is on a stalk 2 and a half miles high, 3 miles in diameter.

The engine mounts are 6 miles wide and are used for manouvering engines and fuel along with living spaces, food, water, and recreation for the engine crews.

The engines are 17 miles long.

Under the dome, and behind it, is a 1 mile by 1 mile opening for the docking bay.

The underside looks the same, as it is a copy of the upper half of this ship.

Since this is based on someone else’s drawing of my ship, the scale may be a bit off.

Below is the overhead view, and the block diagram view.

Large connecting passageways go from the port side Bussard Ramjet engine to the starboard side Bussard Ramjet engine

Manouvering engines in the stern part of the fuselage. There are more manouvering engines around the ship.


1) Command area, some communications equipment

2) 3 miles across post that connects the two domes and the fuselage together into one unit.

3) and 4) Sensors and communications area.

The Emergency Bussard RamJet fuel is supposed to be enough to go through areas with low or no hydrogen atoms. The main fuel for the Bussard.

The Engine Mounts hold engineering areas, passageways, rooms, food, water, dining areas, but is mostly structural so the engines stay with the rest of the ship.

I used the bitmap fills from Profantasy’s Annual Issue number 70. An Annual consists of 12 issues, one per month. Each issue consists of a pdf guide, templates, drawing styles, and symbols. I find them very useful.

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