Starship Wanderer: FAQ


I envisioned the ship as being large enough that if they got lost, they would be able to grow their own food, expand their population, survive being lost. Of course, any civilization progressed enough to build this, would also have mapped all of the globular clusters in their galaxy and nearby galaxies, so getting lost would be almost impossible.

Each deck, would mostly, be standardized. Ten feet from deck to ceiling, 5 feet between decks for pipes, cables, etc. Several standard size and shape rooms for living quarters, but a few on each deck had changable and movable walls when a bit of variety was needed to alleviate boredom.

Elevators would be a problem… the sheer size of the starship precluded ordinary elevators. The cables certainly couldn’t handle being miles long, they would break under their own weight.

So, I decided if the starship was going to be impossible to make due to needing breakthroughs in present day science, the elevators could be moved around by ‘gravitic’ controls. And each deck would have its own gravity generators. Some rooms would have the ability to modify their atmosphere and gravity if non-Earth folks wanted to join the journey.

Back of the upper ‘arm’ connecting the cylinder body and the upper saucer, would be a docking bay large enough to house starships up to a mile wide and half mile in length, and various shuttle craft.

In the front of each saucer shape section would be a huge observation deck of several levels.

August 28, 2022

I have Campaign Cartographer 3+ and all add-ons for it. New planet maps will be made with FT3.5.

July 9, 2014

I’ve decided on this ship type’s speed in this game universe.

9.2 days to travel 1 light year, or 1 parsec in 30 days

November 8, 2013

This was orginally done using Campaign Cartographer 2 with Cosmographer Pro Add-on. I now have version 3 of both. Probably I’ll redo it.

I’ll add more info later.

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