Starship Wanderer: About


This set of drawings is about an idea I had many years ago to sit down and draw a massive starship capable of travelling the galaxy at sub-light speeds. I soon realized that just me drawing it by hand would take several lifetimes. This was in 1970.

So I put it to one side. Those paper and pencil drafting-type drawings are lost.

I found Profantasy’s mapping software and started drawing my old AD&D first edition campaign and putting it up on a web site. This would have been about 1999.

After a year or so of that, I found a few pages in a box depicting this star ship.

I saw that Profantasy had an add-on that could assist me in drawing deckplans and entire starships.

I purchased the software and made a few drawings.

Work took up much of my time, and I spent most of my spare time working on my Crestar, my AD&D first edition website.

When Cosmographer Pro was updated to work with Campaign Cartographer 3, I downloaded it, and started mapping.

As I have time I’ll update the drawings here.

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