Some game/future comments part 1


I’ve been reading various game materials. I have in the past read various science fiction stories for a number of years.

I find it interesting to see what is predicted to be possible for the future.

The Grand Masters of SF before 1980 didn’t predict home computers. Yet, here we have them. Some even had people living on Earth’s moon and using slide rules. I certainly don’t remember any mention of blogs or content management systems ( CMS ), about 1988 when only the Amiga and Macintosh computers had icons and graphical interfaces.

After reading some materials for GURPS and Traveller tech levels, I’ll likely modify the information based on changes I have seen on Discovery science channel and various ideas I have.

I realize that some shows on the Science channel are speculative; however, Traveller is about the future of centuries from now.

I’ve mentioned on this site about just what kind of empires/political units I will use.

So far, I have downloaded GURPS: Classic Japan and GURPS: Classic Imperial Rome. GURPS: Classic Space also has a number of ideas.

Of course, this is done in my spare time.

My plans are to heavily modify the information and come up with two Empires for this site.

The Empire in the Vespucian Arm will be a Rome of the distant future, most slaves are robots. While cyberization is frowned upon for the upper classes, it is possible and allowed.

Races will be in cars, not chariots. I may even add in bits similar to Car Wars.

The Empire in the Gran-Dal Arm will be loosely based on the information in GURPS: Classic Japan. Cyberization will be common. Other than that, I’m unsure at this time what I’ll include.

Likely I’ll come up with several new races, some with star ships.

It is likely I’ll add in starship travel other than the Jump drive. It may or may not be better.

The Bussard ram jet travel seems likely as an add-in. Generation ships seem too easy for space pirates to take on and defeat. To me anyway.

As I have more comments, I’ll add more in more posts.

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