poem: whistling under the night sky


I wrote this back in 2006. Copyright by me.

( Note: there is no actual music playing. Think of it as music floating down the hallway, from another room, as you read this. )

[ background music: there is a song I heard years ago, ]
[ it has a bit of whistling in it, similar to this. But the song itself ]
[ doesn’t fit this. So, the background music is ]
[ whistling in the dark, sometimes soft and slow, ]
[ sometimes medium-loud and slow, or sometimes fast. ]

Some time back,
I saw a documentary, why,
2 moons would make it impossible to have,
a world like Earth,
but I kinda like the idea,
of two moons in the sky,
the ones around Mars,
seem kinda small,
and I even saw a movie,
some years back,
where a moon was large enough,
it was like Earth.

But that isn’t exactly the theme of this.

This is:

I heard a story,
long ago,
of a whistler,
who traveled the galaxy-wide,
looking for a planet,
where a tune could be whistled,
without having to wear a pressure suit,
nor a breather mask,
neither having to worry,
about super-heated air,
or a lack of oxygen,
large amounts of methane not helping any.

A few places were found,
scattered about,
where whistling could occur,
out in the back beyond,
of the planets fitting the required,
‘too many cities’ had to be added,
so as to not drown out,
the quiet whistling,
the whistler wanted to perform,
in the deep dark,
out beyond town,
maybe out on a butte,
or a cliff above a quiet sea,
drifting sand,
as long as it didn’t get in the lungs,
was okay to.

As the whistler was getting old,
a certain planet was mentioned,
in a travel brochure the whistler,
did find.

Two moons it had,
not much land,
lots of life in the one big ocean,
a tidal movement,
went around the planet,
the highest island,
not high enough,
no more than half an hour,
would the whistler have,
the landing and the liftoff,
taking up much of the rest of the time,
and the engines taking a bit,
to quiet down as they cooled off…

the challenge was accepted,
the whistling lasted,
33 minutes,
made it out okay they did.

Well, the whistler retired,
but sometimes if you listen,
real quiet-like,
out in the back and beyond,
you can hear someone whistling,
way out there,
under the stars,
or in the light,
of two moons.

[ exeunt ]

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