poem: Galaxies like Dust


I wrote this back in 1999. Copyright by me.

I sit here,
in the grandstand,
waiting for the Main Event.

The little dots of lights,
I can see,
beyond my helmet face.

They look like stars,
across the firmament,
but they are too far away,
to be that.

Beneath the Grand Stand,
is no Terra Firma,
not even Saturn Clouds,
just nothing,
for parsecs upon parsecs,
as far as a small telescope can see.

It doesn’t really matter that,
the Stands and the Helium Ice Rink
are moving incredibly slowly,
towards the nearest Local Group,
because the event will be over,
and the ice and stands long gone,
before arrival there,
in a few million years.

For Voyager 1 is moving,
much faster than this

I change lenses,
in my telescope mounted in my helmet,
and look at those tiny dots,
way over There.
The chin switch works
very well.

The one I chose,
resolves into hundreds.

For its a Local Goup of Galaxies,
rather a Long Distance Away !

I’m kinda early,
here in the Grand Stands,
not by much,
a few seconds at most.

In a small while,
the rest of the folks will show up,
and joke with me about being early.

But I can’t help my anticipation,
of the Finals in the Helium Ice Skating Event.

Way out here,
beyond the galaxies.

But in my few idle moments left,
I scan the distant dots of light,
and see,
Galaxies Like Dust,
spread out across the way.

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