poem: as I dreamed


I wrote this back in 2006. Copyright by me.

( Note: there is no actual music playing. Think of it as music floating down the hallway, from another room, as you read this. )

I stayed up late one night,
I was kinda young,
I had been told to go to bed early,
but the night called.

It was a Friday night.

I wandered outside,
my grandfather asked me where I was going ?

I said, “Just the front yard, I want to look at the stars…”

He smiled and said to go ahead.

He asked if I needed the light on ?

“No,” I replied, “I want to look at the stars.”

And so I did,
oh, the distant light of a 200 watt bulb,
an old time street light,
and a porch light from the neighbors,
blocked it a bit.

No moon did I see,
just the stars along the Milky Way.

The evening star setting in the west,
the cars driving past.

The mosquitoes drove me back inside,
and I itched all the next day,
but I remembered the stars,
and the few small clouds as they drifted by.

[ I was just listening to Judy Collins sing ‘Sisters of Mercy’… ]
[ and somehow that reminded me of the poem I posted and wrote in 1999. ]
[ it could have been inspired, by the above memory, from long ago. ]

Ocean of Stars

An ocean of stars,
float by overhead.

They give me dreams,
of space flight,
to where our hearts grow,
fonder of each other,
into the Night.

Our raft moves across the Starry Ocean,
beneath the Milky Waaay.

Hold my hand,
here comes another wave,
the solar wind,
is strong here abouts.

Our ship is lost,
way back there,
our raft,
is fragile,
for you and me.

But there,
upon the Horizon,
is a Lost Island,
do you see it ?

Just over there ?

I know we have been without water,
for several days,
but I believe its there,
the island,
called Earth.

Take my hand,
and lets signal,
with the radio,
and hope they let us land.

For we can then tell them,
they are Not Alone.

[ segue into ‘Both Sides Now’ because it just seems to fit ]

[ exeunt ]

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