Path 2, connections between Gran-Dal and Vespucian Galaxy Arms


A sketch map of the Path 02 connections. The numbers and green arcs are locations for planets, etc. that existed before. Not all Sectors shown below have pages/articles right now. They will be restored.

Direct links to the Sector maps:

Column AA, Sector 08 | Column AA, Sector 09 All fixed. Sector 08 map wasn’t there, it is now. Feb, 2022.

Column BB, Sector 08 All fixed.

Column DD, Sector 01 | Column DD, Sector 02 All fixed.

Column EE, Sector 01 map in progress. This adds 26 new planets, No UWPs so far.

Path 02, Column FF, Sector 01 map Adds 21 more planet maps. All four Sub-Sectors added. No UWPs.

Column GG, Sector 1All sub-sectors done. 43 new stars added. No UWPs.

Column GG, Sector 02 has been added. All 4 Sub-Sectors are added with 32 new planets. No UWPs.

Column GG, Sector 3All fixed in Sector 3. There are two more sectors.

Column HH, Sector 03, 22 new planets All fixed.

Column II, Sector 3 All fixed.

Column JJ, Sector 03, 20 new planets All fixed.

The start of a map that shows the connections between the 2 galaxy arms I am mapping.

note the choke points due to no stars.

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