Gran-Dal Arm image map


A sketch map of the Gran-Dal galaxy arm. The numbers and green arcs are locations for planets, etc. that existed before. Not all Sectors shown below have pages/articles right now. They will be restored.

Direct links to the Sectors with maps.

Column A, Sector 3 | Column A, Sector 15. All of Column A is fixed.

Column B, Sector 1 | Column B, Sector 2 | Column B, Sector 3 | Column B Sector 6. All of Column B is fixed.

Column C, Sector 3. All of Column C, Sector 3 is fixed.

Column D, Sector 3. All Column D, Sector 3 fixed.

Column E, Sector 3 | Column E, Sector 4. All Column E is fixed.

Column H, Sector 8. All Column H, Sector 08 is fixed.

Column N, Sector 11. All Column N, sector 11 fixed.

Column O. Sector 3 Sub-Sectors A, B, C, and D are fixed. | Column O, Sector 4. Some missing planets.

Links to below Sector maps updated: January 17, 2022. The Xs are soon to be maps.

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