1) ATU means Alternate Traveller Universe.

2) planet maps are made in Fractal Terrains 3 and exported using the Cosmographer template.

3) Solar system maps are made with Cosmographer and the High Space annual issue 80. Note that the purchase for an annual is of the entire year.

4) planet surveys are typed in Open Office Write, and exported as pdf. The pdf is then printed to png using BullZip pdf printer.

5) How are the names pronounced ? I don’t know, I just added syllables together to make the names.

6) The name part Naw ? Oh, that is easy, a language shift for New.

7) Why don’t some Sub-Sectors have capitals ? I didn’t place any there. Some of those sub-sectors don’t have star ports.

8) planet named Watter ? Maybe its a different version of Water ?

9) government type: G = Feudal European Bureaucracy.

10) government type E = Government: Hegemony dominates several smaller nations. They control the water.

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