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I’m moving my SPACE: 1889 ! and a futuristic Mars over to this sub site.

I hope to get some Space: 1889! deck plans up in the next 6 months.

And here is the drawing of Mars I’ll be working with. Based on a colorized photo of Mars by NASA.

Well, I apparently have misplaced in CDs and hard drives the original map I made for this future Mars. I have a jpg, but adding text to it looks off. So I found another Mars false-color jpg. I had to move a city location anyway. And I think this one looks better.

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September 2016

Sept 20

Added a sea mount with 2 underwater cities.

Sept 8

Added a typical Future Mars town map.

Sept 7

Added a small highway town.

Working on a site navigation menu. Done.


July 19

Added a links page.

Jul 17

Moved my SPACE: 1889 ! and a futuristic Mars over to this sub-area.

Added a FAQ.

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Ruins ? Yes, some enterprising person decided to buy up land and add some cometary water ice. Water levels rose in the Grand Ocean… and the person who was going to sell beach front property, was ruined as so much water was added his sea mount is under water. Two folks interested in building underwater cities bought the land at auction and built these two so far. The ruins belonged to the enterprising person.

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