What is New ?


September, 2022

Sept 10

12 pages out of 26 done to make them the same style. No new UWPs added today.

Sept 9

Fixed some planet pages in Path 02, Column EE. Added UWPs. Uploaded new Sub-Sector and Sector maps.

August, 2022

Aug 31
,br> Fixed one broken url, and checked more planets. Added text to a number of UWPs in Path 02, Columns GG and HH. There are still UWP: lines with no data after them.

Aug 30

Added 6 UWPs to existing planets in Path 02, Column HH. Checked styles on 26 articles.

Aug 28

I have done pages 18 through 26. That leaves 17 pages to check. Fixed a bad url and some typos.

Aug 24

I have completed a few more pages. Fixed some urls.

June, 2022.

Jun 7

Completed 6 pages, 20 left to go.

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