Starship Wanderer: Upper saucer, Deck 2, part 2 of 25


I am working on a new deck plan map. Not a scaled up map from the examples.

Color blocks from colors in the color chart. Different colors for each space.

Starship wanderer: color chart link

Each deck will be 21 square areas, with 4 rounded areas for the corners.

I’ll have to figure out how many decks to map before I decrease the outer square/corner areas to accommidate the changes to provide the saucer shape.

I have been thinking of doing away with the streamlined shape for parts of the ship, as streamlining makes no sense in outer space.

Drawing of Basic Deck, part 2 of 25 parts. Each is 1056 feet by 1056 feet. With a buffer area between each part of 50 feet. This is for electrical, communications, ventilation, water, etc. lines. Between each color area, there is a buffer area of 2 feet to 10 feet. Not obvious at this scale.

D = Dining
M = Medical
R = Recreation
S = Security
W = Water
The rest are named.

This part is to the right of part 2.

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