Starship Wanderer: forest 1, map and info


access to this forest is by several hatches that lead here from passageways nearby.

The yellow wooden bridges go over the other walkway. They are built so no one can hide under them.

While swimming in the pond is discouraged, no one will be stopped who want to go for a swim. There is no life guard for this pond.

The two buildings are fantasy styled open-work buildings. They are sponsered and maintained by the Amusement Park, but this isn’t generally known.

The large structure, with trees, is designed to look like an elf house. The small pond is 2 feet deep. Wading is discouraged. Also sponsered and maintained by the Amusement Park.

The small ponds have obviously mechanical fish in them, too many people were eating the real ones as a change from the staid starship standard rations.

To reduce monotony, the benches and street lights are moved to different locations at random intervals. Computers make sure no large areas become dark and shadowy. Some of the benches slowly sink to the ground, if anyone sits on them for longer than 30 minutes. This is to encourage exercise.

The three orange/red striped circles are carousels. Also sponsered and maintained by the Amusement Park. Their logo is on them. The carousels only run during the 3 hour ‘day’.

Some 21 Amusement Park employees work here. Three for each carousel, and the rest are cleaners. Six security guards and two medics are also here. There are 3 vendors of food and drink here. Eight restrooms are located in this park. Any one working here can call for backup.

There are no large area overhead lights. The lights here cycle on a 6 hour timer. Sparkling lights play across the ceiling at park ‘night’. They are obviously not stars, anyone can see the stars from an observation deck, but make patterns like waves moving across the sea. There are a large number of LEDs that can be serviced from the deck above. The daytime lights suppliment the street lights, but the look is more of an hour or two past sunrise rather than a noon-day brightness.

The entire area is 1,000 feet by 800 feet.

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