some thoughts on how I will do what here


I’m thinking about various additions to this site, some of it non-Traveller.

1) The Empire: I’ve been reading GURPS Ancient Rome to use as a model for this empire. Slaves: Androids and non-AI robots. Endentured servants: humans and AI robots. Gladiators: Car Wars Arenas. Togas are worn on certain holidays. Regular ‘futuristic’ clothes are worn the rest of the time.

2) a cyberized person, ala Ghost in the Shell, using Traveller rules, will be cheaper than one of the rules. I’m not sure which rule as I got the info from forum posts. Instead of KCr100 for a cyberized brain, it will be KCr5. With a cost of KCr5 for the body if the person wants a fully cyberized body. ( Note that this is not a version of that old joke, Vecna’s Head.)

Suggestion was to use the MgT Traveller supplement 8, Cybernetics.

3) one of the other empires will be based on the GURPS book, Ancient Japan.

4) The Empire will not be as fanatical anti-robots as canon, but it will be there.

5) I’ve read GURPS Transhuman Space and Cyberpunk books. I think some bits of it could become part of this site, but much of it is too over the top for me.

GURPS Classic Egypt, Middle Ages, Places of Mystery, and several others, may have bits that can be used here.

Some solar systems will be, by game design, at a different tech level than others. I plan on, but not sure when I’ll have time to do it, have some of these solar systems using pre-1900 AD technology.

Of course, this is all, “As I have time to work on it.”.

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