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Vespucian Arm, Jorso

02/03/2016 07:15 PM

A large irregular region of this galactic arm.

Columns L through R and Sectors 2 through 12.

The humans in this region of space don’t smile much, nor do they frown much… at least not in public.

But they do startle people who enounter them for the first time. Millenia ago they decided, after reading a number of fantasy books, that the elf look was good for them. It took them several centuries of genetic manipulation after their decision for everyone to be born with elf ears. Occasionaly some one is born with out this cultural look, gets free medical help to gain this cultural item.

Some decide they don’t like the look. The only thing they are required to do, is to not be seen by people from outside Jorso.

Is this a cultural joke played by them on other cultures ? They don’t acknowledge the question when asked.

No planet maps for this area yet.

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My Traveller Universe, Vespucian Arm


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