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08/08/2016 01:48 PM

I purchased 10 books, and they have arrived, for the Mongoose Publishing Company’s version of the Traveller rpg.

I have some earlier Traveller books, purchased, but still on the way. I think these are the GDW books from around 1980. I did buy some 1980 books from a merchant at a sf convention. Rather over-priced, for playing a game, but I guess okay prices for collectors.

I hope my maps and characters are useful to you. I won’t have a feedback or contact page due to all the spammers out there.

March 28, 2013: The CDs I ordered have arrived. I’ll be adding in UWP data for the planets I’ve drawn and uploaded.

Question 1: Why don’t all of your planetary maps have hexagons ?

Answer 1: I got lazy. Edit: I am updating these maps so all have hexagonal overlays and are in the icosahedron map format. edit 2: all now have hexagons.

Question 2: Why are there planets with the same name ?

Answer 2: Because people who move from place to place like to use the same names over and over. In-game, players in my AD&D game world learned to listen. It could mean your character finds the treasure, or not. Where you think you are, might be some place else.

Question 3: What does ‘Vespucian Arm, Sector 1, Sub-Sector M, 0735’ mean ?

Answer 3: Galactic Arm, sector number, sub-sector letter, hexagon on the sub-sector map.

Question 4: Why Empire and not Imperium ?

Answer 4: Well, the Traveller Imperium is about 180 degrees around the Milky Way galaxy from where I am mapping. I am thinking of making it a form of Middle Ages Royalty. I thought of making it based on Norse kingdoms, some of my ancestors, but decided to make it more central European instead.

I’ll likely come up with a better name for it later.

Question 5: Just Earth-sized planets ?

Answer 5: I will try to make some planetoids of sizes around the size of the planetoid Ceres. No, Pluto is a planet. I don’t consider it a planetoid.

Edit: I am working on moons; gray and/or orange shades, of different diameters. I wont be putting them in particular locations on the maps, just putting them up here for you to use anywhere you want to in your campaign. I’ll put color, circumference, and height of features as part of the menus.

I have added several inhabitable planets larger than Earth.

Question 6: Poems ?

Answer 6: They have to do with space travel, galactic travel, and the wonder of the early space program. edit: I wrote them years ago.

Question 7: other books ?

Answer 7: I purchased and downloaded several GURPS Traveller pdf books. I find GURPS easier to follow.

Question 8: How did you make these maps ?

Answer 8:

Two ways:

1) Created using Fractal Terrains 3, exported to a Cosmographer 3 Traveller template. Then exported from CC3 as a png.

2) Used a blank Traveller template in CC3, and placed hexagonal map pieces on the map. There are only two examples of this on the site.

Question 9: Government types ? G ?

Answer 9:

Government types

2-Particiating Democracy
3-Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
4-Representative Democracy
5-Feudal Technocracy

6-Captive Government
8-Civil Service Bureaucracy
9-Impersonal Bureaucracy
A-Charismatic Dictator

B-Non-charismatic Dictator
C-Charismtaic Oligarchy
D-Religious Dictatorship
F-Surreal or Odd

G-Feudal European Bureaucracy

Question 10: UWPs ?

Answer 10: I am using Traveller Starter Set, book 2, Charts to come up with these UWPs. If there is a question mark for the star port type, I haven’t decided yet, but I wanted to post the rest of the UWP.

Question 11: What is the game date ?

Answer 11: Thousands of years in the future. So some posts of earlier times will read like myths as star travel was lost for centuries and has returned.

Question 12: Why do some planets have a ‘?’ for a starport type ?

Answer 12: I haven’t decided what starport type goes there yet.

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