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Scenario 1: one large diamond and a chase

09/04/2014 08:40 PM

You might listen to AMV Fooly Pirates on Youtube, while you read this as it gave me the idea for this scenario.

“What would you do ? What would any of you do ? Will you breathe the wind on the haunted shores at galaxy’s end to bring back a diamond as large as a solar system, to pay your debts ?”

Your enemies have combined into a one gigantic fleet, to bring you and the diamond back. If it can be found, and can you find it first ? There are only 3 unexplored solar systems between you and nothingness at Galaxy’s End.

Your ship: a heavily damaged Free Trader.

Ship’s supplies:

3 space suits, one with a large hole in it.

Enough air, food, and water for 2 weeks for 7 crew.

One ship’s gun still works, it is a laser of one megawatt.

One sand caster, with 3 reloads. It may or may not work.

Some sensors are out, manouvering engines tend to break down.

You have jump fuel for 3 jumps of Jump 1 each. ( Spare tanks you stole)

Seating in the control room area for 4 people. No bunks, no sleeping items like sheets and blankets.

The air lock is warped and leaks if not checked on once a day. It has to be opened, and then closed correctly. Failure means loss of air or crew. There are no known star ports ahead. At least 10 fleets are combing space behind you.

Battle fleets to port, battle fleets to starboard, battle fleets behind, battle fleets below, battle fleets above.

Your ship is a tiny dot in the nothingness of space.

“Your time is coming to an end. You face extinction. Rumor has it that one of the worlds up ahead contains a Gate to a pocket universe.”

Nothing is certain, except the coming oblivion.

“Good Luck, and maybe you will survive.”

  • * * *

In my game universe, the Gate leads to another of my game universes.

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My Traveller Universe, Scenario


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