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Starship Wanderer: lake 1, map and info

11/08/2013 03:39 PM

lake 1

There are some 20 lakes like this scattered about the starship. Signs designate them by number so users don’t confuse one with the other. They are on different decks any way.

The wide walkways have safety rails and are 30’ wide. The yellow bridges go over the other walkway. They are built so no one can hide under them. All of the walkways dip near the water at one or more points. Littering is punishable.

The smaller, edged with yellow, walkways look like dirt and lawn paths. The one lined with park benches is the exit only path.

The drawbridge is based on actual drawings from Old Earth and has flickering lamps on it. A few ‘spooky’ effects are included. Like mechanical skeletons that laugh and chuckle at random intervals. More often during the one hour that the lights dim slightly. Not sponsered by the Amusement Park. It was the idea of a department head somewhere back on Earth. Most passengers and crew feel it is completely out of context and should have been placed in one of the Amusement Parks.

There is always a ‘day’ here, the lights don’t cycle from day to night, but do dim slightly for one hour every fifteen hours.

There are few park benches here. Most people come here for a brisk walk and then go somewhere else.

This isn’t the lake used for swimming.

Thirty people work here, all are trained in security and medical. Twenty additional people are assigned cleanup duty, former litterers.

The entire area is 1,000 feet by 800 feet.

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