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05/18/2020 10:42 AM

May, 2020

May 18 Added Path 02, Column II to the site navigation menus. May 17 Going to add 8 more planets and UWPs to Path 2, in a new column BB. Completed adding 8 more maps to Path 02 in Column BB, Sector 8


Apr 16 Added solar system map for Dier in Path 02. Apr 13 Added solar system map for Az-Acp in Path 02. Yes, I’m still alive.


Mar 11

Added 6 more planets in Path 02 in Sector 01, sub sector J.


Feb 9 Added a new sub-sector and 4 more plant maps, with UWPs. I’ll add the rest of the planet maps you see on this sub-sector map as I have time.
Jul Expand

My Traveller Universe, FAQ


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