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Wednesday April 26, 2017

April, 2017

Apr 26

Added a map and starting page for Zartel, the Memer and Sartel home world in Gran-Dal Arm, Column P, Sector 17, Sub-Sector E.


Mar 10

Updated and fixed a link or two on the site navigation menus.

Mar 8

All 5 planet surveys are now done for Path 02, Column AA, Sector 09, Sub-Sector M. Corrected the one for Facaz.

Mar 7

All 8 planet surveys are now done for Gran-Dal Arm, Column N, Sector 11, Sub-Sector F.

Mar 5

Added 5 planet surveys; Gran-Dal Arm, Column O, Sector 3, Sub-Sector A

Working on how to show which systems have planet surveys and which ones have solar system maps.

Since there are so few planet surveys, they spread all over these site. In the Gran-Dal Arm, Column 3, Sector 3, I have all of Sub-Sector A with planet surveys. I will try to fix up an entire sub-sector before moving on to another one. But for now that is the only sub-sector with all planets having a planet survey.

Done. Well, I think I got all of the planet surveys listed on the Sector maps, and the ‘maps done’ drawings for Gran-Dal Arm, Path 02, and Vespucian Arm.


Feb 24

I found the problem and fixed it. Also added another planet to make the total 60 added.

Working on adding them all in today.

Done: 60 planet maps, 9 Sub-Sectors, and Column O, Sector 3 have been added.

Feb 23

Making progress, but I was going to add 59 maps and I have lost track of 2 of them. and I made what i thoguht were small changes to the css of the site, and big changes happened. I’ll work on it more in a day or two.

Got the style sheet to look better.

Feb 22

Working on adding Gran-Dal, Column O, Sector 3 maps and links. Due to the slowness of my Internet connection, it will take several days for this to get done and show up on this web site.

Feb 18

Used FT3 to make planets for Gran-Dal, Column O, Sector 3. I’ll be adding the articles and links for them next week. This will add 41 more planets to this site bringing the total to 1137.


Jan 29

Adding 7 planetary surveys. Vespucian, Column B, Sector 3, Sub-Sector M. for a total of 40.


Nov 22

Since I have new concerns about someone taking my maps and re-selling them without my permission, I am taking down all graphics until I can watermark them.

As I watermark them, I will put them back up here. Since there are so many, it is going to take some time, likely months.

This is true for all of my sites.


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