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Planet: Kran-Now: Gran-Dal Arm, Column B, Sector 6, Sub-Sector B, 1204

03/20/2013 06:29 PM

An interesting planet. If you like mystery.

Gran-Dal Arm, Column B, Sector 6, Sub-Sector B, 1204

A Starport and a sector penal colony. Why on the ice ? The local population is tech level 1. They were higher, but an asteroid hit and made a crater in the past. The locals blame the ‘star people’ and reacted violently 100 years ago to visitors.

While there are various organizations that might have smashed an asteroid into a planet, various scientists claim it couldn’t have been done. Why do they say that ? They refuse to answer.

Planet UWP: X8675000

Prison/Starport UWP: A86739AF ( the prisoners are forbidden weapons, the guards have lasers.)

Cold, Farming, Star: Type K

The starport and prison import all food. Some of the guard towers fire outward.

Some claim The Wanderer knows something about this place, even though he claims to have never been there. If the person asking him is from the Gran-Dal Arm, he leaves that solar system as soon as possible.

Instead of using Fractal Terrains 3 to make this map, I used CC3/Cosmographer and loaded the Traveller template. I then added hexagon symbols to a blank map to make the one you see here.

Zerg Orange

My Traveller Universe, Gran-Dal Arm


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