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03/18/2013 06:05 PM

ProjectRho space maps

I just selected some interesting sites, not an attempt to list all ‘SPACE: 1889 !’ sites.

Space 1889 org

Heliograph’s Space 1889 Resource Site

Our Worlds

links: Starships and Spacecraft deckplans

Skaran’s deck plans

links: Battle Tech deck plans

T-Bolt’s Battle Tech Plans

links: Space Game site

The WW2 Era Pulp – Space Opera – Horror Campaign Setting

links: Real science

The Universe drawings from 12.5 light years out from the Earth to 14 billion light years

Milky Way cartography shows the local bubble, 25 light years and 50 light years

links: Traveller deck plans

Peter’s Traveller deck plans

High Tortuga Pirate Traveller

Freelance Traveller the ‘The Shipyard’ link leads to deck plans

Spacebadger’s blog

TwinHelix Freestyle menus These are the site navigation menus I have at the top of the site.

There are a large number of adverts, but the Traveller Wiki is very helpful.
Traveller Wiki

RPG haracter sheets, some for Traveller

more Traveller character sheets

Citizens of the Imperium forums, maps, etc.

I’m still looking for info on what the different map symbols and lines mean.

I’ll add more sites when I find them. I have found some, but decided not to add those.

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