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Glossary: U: Universal World Profile

09/08/2018 01:25 PM

I am using the CT Traveller Starter Edition 2 charts to create the Universal World Profiles, UWP for short.

A question mark for the star sport means I haven’t decided yet what type, if any, star port is there. Of course, certain types of technoloogical type worlds would require at least a landing area.

Since I came up with larger worlds than are in the OTU, the following is the diameter, circumference, and gravity. These are standard density ‘Earth-like’ worlds.

Planet diameter B = 8,800 miles , 27646 miles circumference is 1.1 Gs

Planet diameter C = 9,000 miles, 28274 miles circumference is 1.125 Gs ( one and one eighth Gravity)

Planet diameter D = 11141 miles, 35000 miles circumference is 1.39 Gs

Planet diameter E = 11459 miles, 36000 miles in circumference is 1.43 Gs

Planet diameter F = 12,000 miles, 37699 miles circumference is 1.5Gs

Planet diameter G = 50,000 miles, 50000 miles circumference is 1.99 Gs

Planet diameter H = 4222 miles, 13263 miles circumference is 0.375 Gs

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