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09/09/2013 05:10 PM

One of my relatives intends to run a Traveller game. I don’t know which version yet, but I have ordered some ‘Classic Traveller’ books. ( edit: The books I bought turn out to be the, 2008, Mongoose Publishing books. Not the smaller ones I used in the distant past, which were printed in 1980, by GDW. )

Regardeless of what the relatives do, I’ll work on maps, solar systems, sub-sector maps, etc. as I have time.

I doubt, over my concerns about copyright, will be doing anything that could be considered ‘canon’. I’ll do my best to come up with non-existant names for star systems.

There will be 2 galaxy arms mapped. The Gran-Dal Arm and the Vespucian Arm. ( I was going to use Lyra Arm, but eventually realized it wouldn’t work.)

About 1978, I came up with a large area map of space, I hadn’t heard of Traveller at that time, covering most of one wall in the house I lived in. It was made up of about two hundred or more 8.5×11 inch graph paper sheets. ( I had only heard of Tunnels and Trolls at the time. It wasn’t until I encountered the Gamescience store in Mississippi that I found AD&D, TSR, poly dice, and Traveller.)

Vespucian Arm will be the home of an empire based on Ancient Rome. Gran-Dal Arm is the home of an empire based on Ancient Japan. I’ll be usng the GURPS books for these eras as guides.

I won’t add hundreds of graph pages to my wall this time, but I’ll be using Profantasy’s software to make the maps. Below is a link to their site.

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Every map on this site is free to download. Just mention the website where you got it ! And it must be used for a space travel, or D&D, type adventure, nothing else.

Well, this site is my attempt to draw 2 galactic arms via maps and populate them using rules in the Traveller rpg game.

I only played Traveller once. The ref didn’t seem to know what he was doing. He had plants infect NPCs and Player characters with rabies. That made no sense. Hopefully I am better at it than my first and only encounter with this game.

Jim Mars

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