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my Traveller universe (ATU)

129 days ago

This is my Traveller site. I intend to write scenarios, besides drawing the maps with Campaign Cartographer 3, Cosmographer 3, and the various add-ons. Many of the planet maps are done with Fractal Terrains and exported as a png file.

The below links are to the image maps for each galaxy area mapped. The image maps lead to Sector maps, which lead to Sub-Sector maps, which lead to planet maps and information. Or you can use the navigation menus at the top of the page.

Vespucian Arm image map

Path 2 is the tenuous connection between the two galaxy arms.
Path 2 image map

Gran-Dal Arm image map

The Transhuman Space, SPACE: 1889 !, and Futuristic Mars pages have been moved to a Sub-Site.


My Traveller Universe, General


What is new ?

129 days ago

November, 2017

Nov 8

Recovering from a computer crash on Win 10 due to a Microsoft patch. I hope to be making more maps for this site soon.


Oct 28

Working on more planet surveys, downports, and updated planet maps. I’ll link them from here when I complete each new page.

planet Pyallaya no downport yet. Apparently some planet maps I made back in 2016, the map files are missing from my backups. I may need to make completely new ones. Oct 25

Added an extra page for two solar systems; downport and a modified planet map showing cities and downports. Currently only new downports.

First one: Bahler

Second one: Jak-Hill

As I do these, the planet survey, downports, and citiy maps will be on Part 2 of each planet’s pages. Right now the original planet map and the planet survey are on the same page.

Oct 5

link to the sub-sector

These are links to each planet page. Planet; Srar-Zhe is the start of the next process. Adding starports, cities, and naming water source types for planets.

Planet; Tbelsar in the same sub-sector.

Planet; Tran-Ghe same sub-sector.

Planet; Vaa-Zhe same sub-sector.

Planet; Vab-Srat same sub-sector.

Planet; Wran-Ghe

Planet; Wsber


Sep 30

I have gone through all of my folders of map backups for this site; however, I didn’t find all of the ft3 original maps for this site. I’ll just make copies of the ones I have and go frm there. Stay tuned !
Sep 25

I’m still working on this. But due to the number of duplicates, its become hard to tell how far along I am. Since many of the parts of my spreadsheet are filling up with ft3 png files that are the ones I used for the maps, I numbered them upon export, I would say I am around 50% done, maybe a bit more.
Sep 18

Now 40% done on inventorying the planet maps.
Found a problem that some of the image map links are now incorrect. So I have added direct links to each Column/Sector map at the top of those 3 pages.
Sep 15

Oops. I forgot to divide. There are 4 files per planet. So I am just under one-third of the way done inventorying planets and FT3 files, not half way done.

Sep 14

I am currently working on inventorying all of the planets, with the Fractal Terrains 3 png/map export. When I get done with that, I hope to find time to make changes to the planet maps. Spaceports, and a city or two, each planet. I’ll post here when I get started. I have about half the planet maps inventoried so far.

Since each planet page with map and planet survery is long as it is, I’ll make a second, and maybe third page, for each planet. Each planet page will be linked to pages for the same planet.

This wil ltake a major effort on my part, which means it will takes months to complete. If not a year or three.

July, 2017

Jul 27 Added a fourth future city/downport. Jul 24

Rearranging the Planet Survey link page into Sectors under each column.


Adding a downport page. Done.

A few more things to do, like update the navigation menus at the top of the site, but I’m tired. And I have other things to do.

Jul 23

Adding Vespucian Arm, Column B, Sector 5, Sub-Sector A maps and planets. In progress.

Completed. Includes 6 new UWPs and planet surveys.

Jul 18

Added a poem: The Legend of Stardust and the Desert.

Jul 16

Found 6 planet maps I had no articles for. The Sector and Sub-Sector maps are posted now as well. Vespucian Arm, Column F, Sector 20 Tel-Ha, home worlds of the Alago. The area name is Tel-Ha.

Looks like I need to start putting links to my updates, so they are easier to find on my site, with so many planets now.

Jul 11

Adding 5 planets to Gran-Dal Arm, Column O, Sector 4, Sub-Sector B.



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