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my Traveller universe (ATU)

09/24/2018 12:20 PM

This is my Traveller site. I intend to write scenarios, besides drawing the maps with Campaign Cartographer 3, Cosmographer 3, and the various add-ons. Many of the planet maps are done with Fractal Terrains and exported as a png file.

The below links are to the image maps for each galaxy area mapped. The image maps lead to Sector maps, which lead to Sub-Sector maps, which lead to planet maps and information. Or you can use the navigation menus at the top of the page. The image links may or may not be correct. I haven’t been able to figure out why.

Vespucian Arm image map

Path 2 is the tenuous connection between the two galaxy arms.
Path 2 image map

Gran-Dal Arm image map


My Traveller Universe, General


What is new ?

09/24/2018 12:20 PM

September, 2018

I am starting work on adding the new planet maps, etc. so the opening site page may not be on the front of the site. Just use the menu at the top of each page to navigate.

Sep 24

Working on Adding Level 03, Sub-Sector L. 17 planets. Done.

I doubt very much I’ll ever do another star cluster unless it is really small. Too much work.

Working on Adding Level 03, Sub-Sector K. 17 planets. Done.

This leaves 89 planets to go on Level 03. 77 for Level 02, and 36 for Level 01.

202 planets left to post articles for.

Sep 23

Found some link errors for Sub-Sector N, fixed.

Working on adding level 3, sub-sector A. 15 planets. Done.

Working on adding level 3, sub-sector M. 10 planets. Done.

there are 232 planets left to go. Which will bring the total up to 1633

Level 02 has 77 planets, Level 01 has 36, left to finish on Level 03 is 119.

I noticed my notes don’t match… There were going to be 618 planets in the Breloss Star Cluster, I counted them up after I made the level color coded map and got 648, reduced it by 11, for 637. Adding the numbers done and numbers left in my offline spreadsheet, I get 633.

What I’ll do when I get all of the cluster posted is count the universal world profiles. That will be accurate, I think.

Sep 22

Working on adding level 03, sub-sector P. Done. 12 planets

Working on adding level 03, sub-sector O. Done 12 planets

top of the site navigation menus are not updated yet.

took a break and I’m back.

Working on level 03, sub-sector N. 10 planets

Found some link errors for Sub-Sector O, fixed.

Total posted: 1376, all sectors and sub-sectors.

With levels 01, 02, and thge rest of Level 03 to post articles, add links, etc. there are 248 planets left to go. Two level/sector maps. And a number of sub-sector maps.

Sep 21

Working on adding at least one more sub-sector in Breloss Star Cluster.

Added a Question 12 to my FAQ page.

Completed, level 4, sub-sector O.

Working on adding sub-sector N, level 04. Completed.

One more sub-sector left on level 04, then I’ll start on level 3. At least another 100 planets to post, etc.

Taking a long break.

No, I came back.

Adding level 04, sub-sector M.

Done. This is now at 43 new planets and universal world profiles in two days.

This completes Breloss Star Cluster, levels 4, 5, 6, and 7. That leaves articles for level 1, 2, and 3 to be done.

If I counted them correctly on my spreadsheet, that leaves 282 planet map articles to type up, and add articles on Sub-Sector and Sector maps per level. That will bring the planet total to 1624.

Break time !

Sep 20

Afternoon: I am starting work on adding the new planet maps, etc. so the opening site page may not be on the front of the site. Just use the menu at the top of each page to navigate.

About to start adding a sub-sector, level 4.

Done on this sub-sector, and done for the day.

While some maps in Breloss Star Cluster, Vespucian Arm Column G Sector 6, show planets, not all planets for the sector are linked /shown in articles. Over 100 planets maps left to link. When done Breloss will go from 300 planets to 637 planets.


Morning: I have mapped all of Breloss Star Cluster. Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding posts/articles here to show the planets, universal world profiles, sub-sectors, sectors, and the updated levels map. Along with navigation links.

While I am working on a way to show the vertical levels in this star cluster, I have no idea when it will be finished.

Sep 15

Still working on level 2 and level 3.

Found planet Phul-Ara not on Vespucian Arm, Column B, Sector 05 map, not on sub-sector map, and no planet article. I’ll fix that when I can.

Working on Vespucian Arm, Column B, Sector 5, Sub-Sectors E, I, and M.

Added Vespucian Arm, Column B, Sector 5, Sub-sectors E, I, and M, updated Sector map.

Navigation menus have been updated, under The Empire, to include this Sector.

Sep 12

Just 67 planets left to map on level 3, and 75 on level 2. Maybe I’ll be able to start typing up the articles, etc. next week.

Sep 8

Added more planet sizes than are in the rules. Glossary: universal world profile. This is for standard density worlds. The diameter, circumference, and gravity is shown for each new letter, B through G.

I plan on working on different density worlds after I get the Breloss Star Cluster finished. There are currently 648 possible planet maps for the star cluster, not 618 as shown on my progress drawing.

Not uploaded yet. Level 1 of the cluster is done. I’m about half way done with level 3, and not started yet on level 2. Levels 4 through 7 are complete, some of those planets are not uploaded yet.

Sept 6

I am working off line on the Breloss star cluster. I hope to be ready to upload, create articles and links, by oh sometime in October of this year. I lack all of level 2, parts of level 1 and parts of level 3.


Aug 29

Currently working on completing the Breloss Star Cluster. Level 4 is complete, not yet uploaded. Currently working on level 3. Levels 5 through 7 are done. Hopefully get the rest of level 4 and part of level 3 uploaded, linked, etc. by the end of September.

Typing up universal world profiles with every planet so I don’t have to go back later and add them.

Probably not going to add more planet surveys.


My Traveller Universe, FAQ


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