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my Traveller universe (ATU)

07/21/2021 04:02 PM

This is my Traveller site. I intend to write scenarios, besides drawing the maps with Campaign Cartographer 3, Cosmographer 3, and the various add-ons. Many of the planet maps are done with Fractal Terrains and exported as a png file.

The below links are to the image maps for each galaxy area mapped. The image maps lead to Sector maps, which lead to Sub-Sector maps, which lead to planet maps and information. Or you can use the navigation menus at the top of the page. The image links may or may not be correct. I haven’t been able to figure out why.

Vespucian Arm image map

Path 2 is the tenuous connection between the two galaxy arms.
Path 2 image map

Gran-Dal Arm image map

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What is new ?

07/21/2021 04:02 PM

July, 2021

Jul 21 Added a page for links to planets with planet surveys and system maps.

May, 2021

May 5 There are now 6 planets in the An Phar area called The Corso. One is a gravity 1.0 planet, the rest are 1.01 gravity. May 1 Working on a new Sector. Gran-Dal Arm, Column A, Sector 15, The Corso. The An Phar systems. Added 3 planet maps, one sub-sector map, and one sector map.

July, 2020

Jul 15 I hope to add more planets this year. I have several projects for my other sites in progress though.


May 18 Added Path 02, Column II to the site navigation menus. May 17 Going to add 8 more planets and UWPs to Path 2, in a new column BB. Completed adding 8 more maps to Path 02 in Column BB, Sector 8


Apr 16 Added solar system map for Dier in Path 02. Apr 13 Added solar system map for Az-Acp in Path 02. Yes, I’m still alive.
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Planets with planet map, survey, and system map

05/05/2021 03:20 PM

Currently all of them are in Gran-Dal Arm, Column A, Sector 03, Sub-Sector E.

Cadea | Fitam | Fzmy | Gaaemet

Zerg Orange



Path 02 information and map

05/18/2020 10:42 AM

This area is a bit of dust and gas that connects the Gran-Dal and Vespucian Arms of the galaxy. Some planetary systems, and some rift areas have little gas for star formation.

There will be usable, and false, lines of travel. A few small ‘empires’ out here. Of course, if Joso or Jalan ever take note of them, and decide to move in, these small areas of control may not last long.

Some of the ‘paths’ through this area could be used as choke points for anyone passing through that some large force might want to block.

There are rumors that the insectoids of Os-Chon backs one or more of these small ‘empires’, but these areas are mostly human.

Jim Mars



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